was founded by experts in the debt relief industry who witnessed firsthand the perils of “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” after thousands of Americans, who in the earlier part of the decade refinanced their mortgages to consolidate credit card debt, suddenly began losing their homes in 2007. Convinced that the most popular solution – debt consolidation loans – were not the answers to most Americans financial problems, these experts created to promote and educate consumers about debt management, as well as match them with companies that were reputable within the industry.

The phrase “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” has been a part of the English language since at least 1380, and it refers to those situations whereby someone trying to solve one problem ends up creating a much larger one. More specifically, it refers to those instances where someone borrows from one lender to pay off another. This, of course, does little to resolve their actual problem, and in fact it opens up a new realm of negative possibilities, such as losing their home if one payment is missed or potentially making their debt load much heavier.

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